Conference program
4th October 

800 - 900 Registration
900 Conference opening
930 “Bolyai János” - plenary session
1130 Industrial reality - plenary session and exhibition
1300 Lunch
1430 Parallel sessions
1700 Gala dinner/ Best paper award


"Bolyai János" - Plenary session:

Dr.-Ing. Alfred Hypki1, Bernd Kuhlenkoetter2

Robot Simulation to bridge the Gap between Production Concepts and Robot Applications

Institute of Production Systems (IPS), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,

TU Dortmund, Germany




Tamás Haidegger1,2 - Recent Advances in Medical Robotics

Antal Beczy Center for Intelligent Robotics, , Hungary

Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology, Wiene Neustadt, Austria



Industrial Reality plenary session:

Vlad Zileriu - National Instruments in mechatronics and robotics

National Instruments, Romania


Parallel sessions:

Mechatronics and mechanical engineering

1 Optimal design of sandwich beams by different loadings
Imre Timár, Pál Horváth
2 Vibration Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine
Andrei-Toader Filip, Radu-Petru Hangiu
3 Rectification of the tooth profile of satellite gears for cycloidal speed reducers with bolts and conical rollers
Zah Mihai, Lates Daniel, Vasiu Razvan Vlad
4 Optimal analysis of high speed railway bogies
Tamás Kulcsár, Imre Timár
5 Research on the possibility of developing a predictive system implemented on CNC equipment
Cristian Gelmereanu, Ovidiu Stan, Liviu Morar, Stefan Bogdan


Computer science

1 DAMN: DAta Mining Neutral Anonymization for Health Care Databases
Tamás Zoltán Gál, Gábor Kovács, Zsolt Tivadar Kardkovács
2 New ways in nonstationary, nonlinear EEG signal processing
László-Ferenc Márton, László Bakó, Sándor-Tihamér Brassai, Péter Szigeti, Norbert Katona, Lóránd Farkas, Petra Pável, Lajos Losonczi
3 Human daily activities identification
Radu Prodan, Ioan Nascu
4 Measuring Job Safety
Levente Francisc Kertész, László Hodgyai, Pinar Cirpan Aras
5 Signals for a spherical robot control based on EEG recordings
László-Ferenc Márton, László Bakó, Sándor-Tihamér Brassai, Péter Szigeti, Norbert Katona, Lóránd Farkas, Petra Pável, Hajnal Kelemen, Lajos Losonczi
6 Clock Around Embedded Systems and Reconfigurable Systems


Electronics and control systems

1 Pulse power supply design for DC and Active Screen Plasma Nitriding
Nimród Kutasi, Lajos Kenéz, Emőd Filep, András Kelemen, Szabolcs Mátyási
2 Parameter Estimation of Induction Heating Resonant Load Circuits
András Kelemen, Nimród Kutasi, Katalin György
3 Embedded Photovoltaic Simulator System
László Turos, Géza Csernáth, Iuliu Székely
4 Performance Analysis of Three Current-Controlled PWM-Procedures Applied in Vector Control of Induction Machine Drives
Andrei Ionescu, Maria Imecs, Csaba Szabó, Ioan Iov Incze
5 Speed Sensorless Vector Control System for Induction Motors Based on Active Current and Flux Computation
  Cornel Alin Negrea, Maria Imecs, Csaba Szabó, Ioan Iov Incze
6 Input Signal Determination and State Estimation for Aircraft Identification Purposes
Loránd Lukács
7 Portable EEG Signal Measuring
Lajos Losonczi, László-Ferenc Márton, Sándor-Tihamér Brassai, Lóránd Farkas
8 Real time distributed micro-system designed for bio-signal recording
Lajos Losonczi, László-Ferenc Márton, Sándor-Tihamér Brassai, Lóránd Farkas
9 A novel EEG Signal Acquisition System
Lajos Losonczi, László-Ferenc Márton, Sándor-Tihamér Brassai, Lóránd Farkas



1 Relation between media content usage and known psychological factors
László Molnár, Szilárd András, Iuliu Székely
2 Cluster Formation in Wireless Mesh Networks
Dezső Gábos, Mihály Varga
3 Service Creation Environment for Distributed Telecom Infrastructure - IaaS
Titus Constantin BALAN, Anca Victoria HADADE, Octavian Mihai MACHIDON, Radu CURPEN
4 A Physical Layer Performance Analysis of LTE and Mobile WiMAX
Radu CURPEN, Florin SANDU, Titus Constantin BALAN, Cosmin COSTACHE
5 Packet Processing on an ATCA 40G Platform
Florin SANDU, Cosmin COSTACHE, Titus Constantin BALAN, Alexandru Nicolae BALICA
6 Network Coding based data collection in distributed sensor networks
Ádám Soós, Csaba Simon, Markosz Maliosz


5th October - Optional trip

A bus will take you on the Tirgu-Mures - Sovata - Praid - Tirgu-Mures
route. In Sovata the participants will tour the salt lakes, then have lunch
in Praid at the Stuffed Cabbage Festival (

The highlight of the trip will be the visit to the famous Salt mine of Praid ( with wine tasting in the mine's restaurant.



industrial reality

Industry vendors are kindly encouraged to sustain presentation in the University Aula during the conference, on 4th October.
Exposition stand (desk, chairs, poster wall) will be available on request .
Industry vendors are also encouraged to present their job opportunities to graduating students.
For presentations and/or exposition there are no fees, but even so, the organizing committee shall be grateful for any sponsorship. The sponsoring company logo and web link will be posted on the Conference website and in the Conference Proceedings.

For any question or presentation registration  please address your question to:


Poster session

The MACRo 2013 Organizing Committee invites submissions for Poster Session.
Some of the submitted full papers might be accepted only as a poster presentation, but
poster papers are also solicited. The Poster Session will run in parallel with the Industrial
Reality Session, on 4th October, located in the University Aula.
Poster presenters will be expected to be present during the Conference in order to explain their poster and to present any supplemental material. Attendees will browse among the posters and speak directly with the presenters. The poster session is intended to be informal, conversational.