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Sapientia University, Faculty of Technical and Human Sciences

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Tîrgu Mureș, OP 9, CP 4
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Tîrgu Mureș

Tîrgu Mureș (Hungarian: Marosvásárhely; German: Neumarkt ) is the seat of Mureș County in the north-central part of Romania.

The first written reference to the city was in the Latin Novum Forum Siculorum in 1332 followed by mention as Sekulvasarhel (modern Hungarian: Székelyvásárhely), meaning "new market of the Székelys", in 1349. Geographically, Tîrgu Mureș is distant 346 km from Bucharest, 480 km from Belgrade, 515 km from Budapest and 598 km from Sofia and is located in the Mureș River valley. The city spreads out from Fortress Church in the center of the town, built in the 14th century, to form an area of 49.3 square kilometres. The city is located at the centre of the historical region of Transylvania and covers an area of 49.3 square kilometres (19.0 sq mi). It lies at the junction of three geographical regions of Transylvania (Transylvanian Plain, Mure? Valley and Niraj Valley) at 330 meters above sea level.

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Sapientia University,
Faculty of Technical and Human Sciences

The Faculty of Technical and Human Sciences of Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania is one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in the region. The teaching activity is carried out on the University Campus located on a 27 ha territory located at the exit from Tîrgu-Mure? to Sighi?oara in Corunca.

The University started its activity in the 2001-2002 academic year, launching 5 specialties: pedagogy, informatics, mechatronics, computer science and automation. In 2002 the university offer was extended with further specialties: communication and horticultural engineering. The University Campus and the new central building offer infrastructural conditions of high standard. Students have 3 indoor amphitheatres and almost 50 lecture rooms and fully equiped laboratories (informatics, electronics, mecanics and electron microscopy).

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